A Story of Undying Dedication and Hope by
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ALL PORTRAIT Photos by Lee Jeffries
Lucas Sweets - A cagey man, one that has been through a lot of twists and turns in life, from the marriage that he walked away from because alcoholism was as brutal on his wife as it was his body, to the friends he met along the way, Lucky always had the time to give sound advice. His problem was he just never listened to it.

Tim Sullivan - has all of the street smarts as Lucky, probably a little more, but he tends to be more quiet. He has his opinions, and gives them like a swift kick in the shins, but with a smile. Sully has been a long time friend of Lucky, and at this point, they will be there for each other for their rest of their lives. He's a good friend too, not quick to judge, knowing that if he gives criticism, he has to be prepared to take it.

Rodrigo Garza - or Gary as he prefers, is one of those guys you like just because. Though he smiles through the pain, a pain deep within him, he always wants to be seen as a doer. Gary has a lot of things going on, most even Lucky and Sully have no idea about. Gary prefers it that way. Some would suggest the fuse on his powder keg is getting shorter, but for now Gary just keeps on getting after it. He knows that life is short, and death is inevitable.
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